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Welcome to my homestead!

Updated: May 5, 2022

I'm Adelina. 👋🏼

I grew up on what you'd call a homestead in rural Romania. No one would call it homesteading, it was just the way of life. We had bees, chickens, pigs and cows at times. Grapes covered the gravel driveway, we pulled water from the well and had a garden that provided a good majority of the food we ate. For the village, that was the way of life.

When I came to the US I was amazed by the comforts and bounty. I chased the "American Dream". I have a degree in epidemiology and have done meaningful work in my life. But I always missed the sense of accomplishment and joy that I get from a day of work making something with my hands.

I recently moved back to Oregon to build a healthier and more self-sustaining lifestyle. In year 2 of my journey, I want to start sharing back with the amazing homesteading community that I've learned so much from along the way. As I build and grown my 1 acre homestead in, I will tell you what worked and what has not worked for me. Whether you're gardening on an acre, 5 acres or a apartment balcony, I hope to inspire others to take small steps toward living the self-sustaining life they dream of.


What is homesteading?

Do you mend your socks? do you dry apples in your oven? do you plant basil every spring? do you take care of animals that feed or provide for you? Whatever step you take to make and grow and learn the "old ways" of doing things, you're a homesteader.


When I lived in an apartment in Seattle, it meant growing herbs on my balcony and refinishing and repurposing old furniture. When I moved to a house with a yard, I had 2 - 8" garden beds with "real" vegetables and learned to dry my herbs. In 2018 I added a handful of chickens and started growing vegetables up the fence of my small yard. I didn't start with an acre, and I may not end with one, it's about the process and the journey, a way of life.

Let's stay connected!

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